Omega Automotive additives utilise the advanced technology Omega offers to make a range that offers extreme levels of performance, protection and economy.

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Omega greases push the envelope of what is considered possible for lubrication. Because of this, many of our greases can last for years.

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Omega Engine Oils work on a number of levels to keep your engine at peak condition. Improving efficiency, reducing maintenance intervals and increasing performance by significant margins.

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Our services


We transfer various goods between Estonia and Scandinavia. In the list of goods you can find boats, tires, snowploughs, gas tools and even firewood. And we transfer new and used parts for vehicles.

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Car and truck repairs

If your truck needs damage repair, full body recovery work or a painting job, it will cost a fortune to fix it in Scandinavia. We can fix your truck or car in Estonia for a flexible price while guaranteeing a quality service.

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Custom jobs

Make your special ideas come true! Would you like to customise your truck with special cattle-guards an LED light screen or you need a trailer with special functions and custom measurements , no problem!

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Our products

For Cars

Motor oils, lubricants, paints, lights, cattle-guards, winches and much more necessary for every car owner or a car service.

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For Trucks

Motor oils, lubricants, paints, cattle-guards, lights, LED lights – all goods for the biggest vehicles on the road.

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Trailers, snowploughs for off-road vehicles, tires, lubricants, Würth tools – all the extras a true vehicle enthusiast needs.

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Our partners