Omega 909 super engine oil additive

Omega 909 is a super engine oil additive. It’s probably the most important, yet least understood ingredient of most modern engine oils are the additives that are included in the oil itself. Most additives fall into one of two main categories. One category of detergent-type additives contain phosphorus, sulfur or chlorine derivatives and the other contains proportions of heavy oil. Omega 909 is unique in that it does not fall into either category but instead uses a completely new and advanced chemical action that is superior to both.

Additive for Petrol, Diesel and L.P.G. engines. Gives engine oil greater lubricity to provide effective lubrication from the first revolution. Improves compression, controls oil consumption and prevents excessive wear. New flip-top can packaging now available.

Sizes 325ml/5ltr/20ltr



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