Omega 99 Non-toxic Anti-Seize Compound

Omega 99 “Seize-Stop” Grease is the remarkable maintenance treatment for sealing and preventing seizure of threaded metal parts. It is an acid-resistant, water-proof, alkali-proof, ultra heat resistant, metal preserving anti-seize compound. It prevents metal seizure and easily enhances the ease with which equipment can be efficiently dismantled for maintenance purposes.

Omega 99 special features:

Omega 99 is quality engineered to stop metal seizure to make maintenance and dismantling equipment effortless. Omega 99 features micronized metals that fill in pitted and corroded area – acts as barrier between mating metal surfaces. Omega 99 remains inert to most gases including propane, butane, natural gas, LPG, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen.

Use Omega 99 for:

• Exhaust Manifold Gaskets • Studs • Nuts • Spark Plugs • Bushings • Sprockets • Chains • Wheel Studs.

Omega 99 is also the right choice for:

• Conveyors • Gear Reducers • Transmission Shafts • Generators • Worm Drives • Compressors • Pumps • Spindles • Pillow Blocks • Fans • Blowers • Electric Motors • Turbines • Crankpins • Wrist Pins • Cam Roller

Pack Sizes: 1 lb Pots/ 5 kg

Viscosity: NA

Colour: Silver/Grey

Working temperature: -130°c- 1093°c




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